Design team

Meet our design team

ZEEV carefully curates our designers, handpicking each individual based on expertise and vision. ZEEV’s gifted artisans come from diverse backgrounds, each bringing his or her own unique skills and creative flair to the design table. Internationally acclaimed, with decades of experience and numerous awards between them, our designers draws inspiration from varied sources, including architecture, product design, and sculpture and fine art. Our designers share ZEEV’s belief that lighting should add beauty as well as light to every room, helping to enhance the aura of a space with truly brilliant lighting.

Alan Pepin

I am an artist and designer. Any line between the two often disappears for me. At a young age, I studied drawing, painting and sculpture, learning to render What my eyes and imagination would see. Relationships between colors. Weight of various forms and their proportions. The mysterious quality of light. After almost a decade designing home products for Target Corporation, in 2005 I opened my own design studio, Red Dog Run. Since then, my sole focus continues to be conceiving and creating compelling product collections in lighting, furniture and home furnishings. Creating for Zeev Lighting allows me to share both of my worlds, art and design, in many new and exciting ways. I am passionate about discovering what’s next in the world of illumination, and fusing that newness with Handcrafted materials and artistic finishes.

Kirk Nix

Kirk Nix continues to be one of the defining tastemakers in the luxury design industry. As head and founder of KNA Design, Kirk oversees an experienced staff of forty-five designers encompassing architects, LEED certified designers and the industry’s most creative interior designers. Kirk’s vision encompasses all aspects of design, planning, programming, and project development. His work is a culmination of a lifetime of study, observation, and frankly, exhaustive trial and error. From 5-star hotels on three continents to each of his fabric, furnishing and lighting designs, Kirk has developed a signature aesthetic that marries classic and contemporary influences. And while he has garnered countless accolades, awards and press for his work, Kirk maintains he is simply designing what he would want to see in a room. According to Kirk, “The ultimate goal is to find the ideal blend of levity and sophistication.”

Vanessa Deleon

Vanessa Deleon is one of America’s premier interior designers. Vanessa’s signature style, which she has coined as “glamilistic”, can be found in upscale homes throughout the New York, the East Coast and in breathtaking vacation retreats all over the globe. In addition to her residential work, Vanessa has also been the creative catalyst behind some of the trendiest restaurants in New York. Vanessa’s impressive portfolio has propelled her to stardom both in the industry and as a television personality whose resume includes some of the most watched design shows on air. From NBC’s American Dream Builders to being a featured designer on the Food Network’s hit show Restaurant Impossible, HGTV’s Generation Renovation, Designer Challenge, Bang for your Buck, Design Star, DIY’s Rev Run’s Renovation, Ice Loves Coco and Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing, guest appearances on The Better Show, NBC’s Today Show, and frequently being a contributing designer for Open House NYC. With seemingly endless creativity Vanessa tops off this list with several designer collections in everything from lighting to tile.

Kerrie Kelly

Kerrie Kelly is an award winning interior designer, trend spotter and spokesperson for many national brands. Using her own relaxed sense of style to identify and forecast the latest in interior design world-wide, Kerrie has a unique way of staying in touch with and leading the ever changing design landscape. Her celebrated Kerrie Kelly Design Lab team out of Northern California continues to produce inspired products for a wide array of manufacturers around the globe.

Marlaina Teich

As one of the premier interior designers in New York, Marlaina takes her approachably glamorous style to homes throughout the United States. With a collaborative spirit and a keen eye, she translates the dreams of her clients into luxurious, timeless spaces that are also livable and inviting. “Good design should be effortless” is a mantra that Marlaina believes in wholeheartedly. Beautifully designed and executed, she is now using that “effortless” sense of style to create exciting new product lines from fabric to rugs and beyond.

Ivi Fandino

Principal designer at Lightbulb Design Studio, graduated from Rhode Island School of Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Furniture Design. Ivi has extensive experience designing lighting fixtures. Ivi had previously worked for a number of years as the lead lighting designer and bath fixtures designer for Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn Bed and Bath, a national home furnishings retailer in the United States. She then started Lightbulb Design Studio in 2005, product design service firm specializing in decorative lighting fixture design and ceiling fan design for residential and hospitality environments and her designs have been sold to specialty retailers, national lighting showrooms, designer showrooms, as well as big-box retailers in Canada and Europe. Lightbulb Design Studio is located in San Francisco, CA. Ivi has lived in Asia and the United States, and her understanding of both worlds greatly influences her designs, as she seeks to combine modern simple lines with classic details which are versatile in contemporary, classic, and transitional environments.

Brett Curtin

Lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with his wife and children. He has been designing lighting, furniture and other home décor products since 1998 when he began working with Pottery Barn in San Francisco. Since then, he’s designed products for numerous retailers from Neiman Marcus to Crate & Barrel. He draws inspiration from sculpture, architecture and other well-crafted objects.

Tracy Koziol

With an ultimate goal of creating pieces that balance elegance with minimalism, modernism with timelessness, Tracy Koziol works to achieve function, proportion and sophistication through her lighting designs. Beginning her career as a jewelry designer, that lasting impression of faceted gems and the play of light, coupled with the simplicity of form yet function, follow her to this day. Her technical knowledge of lighting, combined with her innate creative abilities, results in fixtures that not only make a personal statement but adds layers of light working to create welcoming ambience. Educated in Fine Art, Tracy has been designing lighting fixtures and home accessories for over 14 years. Her work has been featured in numerous Lighting Industry Trade Magazines as well as Interior Design publications.

Maggie Rogatsky

Maggie has worked with a multi-faceted scope of clientele from coast to coast. With over fifteen years of experience in the industry she has worked with New York’s biggest developers and well renowned corporations to family homes and pro-bono community charity work. Her continuous projects with architects and builders have provided her with a reputation known for her attention to detail and dedicated work ethic. Maggie is a mix master when it comes to her personal design aesthetic which consists of a balance of eclectic, vintage and modern resulting in beautifully tailored, polished and timeless decor. Her love of combining patterns and textures to create unexpected unique and compelling spaces is what makes her extraordinary in her field. Maggie brings a wealth of experience and the ability to truly listen to her clients, that as an accomplished interior designer she has established deep and trusting relationships that continue to keep her in high demand.

Carolyn Benedikt

A highly regarded, award winning, and internationally recognized interior designer, Carolyn , has serviced some of the finest high end homes and commercial establishments for over 20 years. As President of CBI a NY based firm, Carolyn takes pride in her ability to transform spaces by bringing ideas and inspirations to life. From state of the art kitchens and baths, to total renovations, Carolyn’s' keen eye for detail has garnered her rave reviews and accolades in leading upscale trade publications. Prominent architects find her grasp of design an invaluable asset in adding praise to any project.

Deborah Shavlik

Artist and industrial designer Deborah Shavlik has always had her hands in as many creative endeavors as possible: from sketching and painting, glassblowing, woodworking, to sculpting and textiles. She has specialized in lighting and home furnishing design since graduating with honors with a degree in Industrial Design in 2000. Skilled in of a range of style periods and having an inherent sensitivity to different materials as well as finding beauty and inspiration in fine art, architecture and product design has led to a breadth of work carried in showrooms, retail stores and was awarded in the Lighting for Tomorrow competition 2008. Based in Brooklyn, NY she devotes time to lighting design and her line of home accents Studio DKS which has been carried by numerous retail stores and museum shops including ABC Carpet and Home, Barneys and Guggenheim Museum.