• CD10101/6/SL-CL
  • Misthaven
  • 6LT Chandelier
  • The delicate and romantic Misthaven is a family of unique fixtures made with a branch and leaf design ,showing the twists, tangles and fluid lines of a wild forest, so fittingly Misthaven is another name for Enchanted Forest. Nature is a familiar motif we can connect with while also inspiring imagination and bringing the organic theme indoors in the form of this family sets a beautiful tone to any room. Densley placed crystals disperse light and cast captivating shadows onto the walls and ceiling, while the silver leaf and crystal clear finish could connote a winter scene of ice crystals on frozen branches. The 4 piece family is completed by a semi flush, wall sconce island light and chandelier.
  • Silver Leaf with Clear Crystal
  • 6 X Candelabra Base
  • D:32'' X H:23''-55''
  • 16.35 Lbs

6LT Chandelier

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